Services We Offer


Physiotherapy self referral website:

We can also offer a chance for an urgent (on-the-day) triage appointment with Physiotherapists, please call reception at 8am if you feel your physio needs are urgent.  The therapist will call you on the same day and will either offer advice, return back to surgery or book to see you. 

Baby Immunisations

We offer the full schedule of baby immunisations. If you have any queries about immunisations for your child, please contact us by phone or online.

New patient and NHS health checks

New patients will be offered a health check when registering, this is important to give us a baseline view of your health.

Patients 45 and older will be offered an NHS health check.

Minor Surgery

Our Gp's are able to perform minor surgries; joint injections, cyst removal  and skin tags - please enquire for a detailed list.

Ear Syringing

Please contact reception to book in for an Ear Assessment (10minutes) if you feel you need an ear syringe.  The nurse will assess your ears; and offer advice, if necessary will book further appointment for syringing.

Long Term Condition management

Our nurses and doctors are trained in the delivery of long term condition management, including but not limited to

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Gastrointestinal conditions

Wound Care

Our reception team may have to ask a bit of information such as size and location of wound - this is to allow enough time for your nurse appointment for wound checks, cleans and dressings.

We also offer suture removal.


Our nurses and HCA's are trained in taking blood samples.  Please remember to bring your form if it is a hospital request.  

We try to book Fasting blood tests earlier in the day (where possible)  Fasting blood tests is to only have water for the 12 hours prior to your test (no food or other drinks). 

If you have specific time sensitive blood test need, please let our reception team know when booking. 

If you are needle phobic or have severe fear of needles, please let the team booking your appointment know so that they can book you a double slot. 

Some blood tests cannot be performed at the surgery and you will be re-directed to either St mary's hospital or Queen Alexandra. 

Non-NHS services

We offer some non- NHS services such as:

  •  Medical checks (ie, when an employer or company requests such as the military)
  •  Some travel vaccines are not covered by the NHS and will need to be paid for privately

Please contact the surgery for further information by calling 02392 736006 or submitting an E-consult for administrative help.

The GP may, if needed, provide a letter for you for non-medical need such as "housing/ immigration / Work / University etc"  these letters will encour a fee.  You will be informed of the cost before the letter is processed, once letter has been typed you will receive a message from us for payment. Then letter will be ready to collect/sent electronically. 

Please remember that this is an additional private service, therefore it may be a delay with this if the Clinician is busy in clinic/on leave. 

Cervical Screening

“Cervical screening saves lives”

People between the ages of 25 and 64 are invited for regular cervical screening under the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. Those registered as female with their GP practice and aged 25 to 49 are invited for routine screening every 3 years. Those registered as female with their GP practice and aged 50 to 64 are invited for routine screening every 5 years. The first invitation for screening is sent at 24.5 years.

For more information, visit:

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

As a surgery we are no longer offering COVID vaccines onsite however please visit Coronavirus vaccinations - Portsmouth City Council for the most up to date list of locations and dates for your Vaccine/Booster

list of vaccine sites