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The Uni-City Medical Centre in Portsmouth has been voted the BEST surgery in Portsmouth, with 100% patient satisfation, voted by our patients.

The Uni-City Medical Centre remains open to help you throughout the pandemic. Please don’t put off getting medical help if you need it.
We just ask that you follow the guidance to keep yourself, other patients and our staff at Uni-City Medical Centre safe.
We offer online or telephone appointments with our GP's and nursing staff to give you the help you need without coming into the surgery but face to face appointments are available if you need one.
Please don’t attend without an appointment.
If you have symptoms of coronavirus and are due to come in for an appointment, let us know in advance.
We'll still be able to offer you medical help but will make sure we do it in a way that keeps everyone safe.
If you no longer need your appointment or can't make it, whether it's in person, online or over the phone, please let us know so that we can offer it to someone else.
Help Us Help You.
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Help us to help you - Care Navigation

Did you know, there are a range of services and trained health professionals working closely with your GP that might be better suited to help you?  The next time you make an appointment at The University Surgery (Medical Centre), you may be asked some questions about the reason for your appointment.  Please don't be offended - this is simply so that we can make sure you see the person who is most suitable to help you.  Of course, you don't have to do this, but it would help us to help you and ensure you see the right person, first.  Thank you very much.


Patient Feedback

Just a quick email to pass on some patient feedback from one of my clinics:

"The lady is quite new to the practice having only recently moved to Portsmouth and she has a few health needs. She says that the staff at the practice have been nothing bit helpful and she feels she is being really well looked after."

Received March 2022


Patient would like us to know "she has never had care like she gets from us at any other surgery.  Said we are absolutely fantastic

- Received February 2022


Patient phoned (for blood results) wanted to say "how happy she feels that she transferred to our practice. Very pleased so far."

- Received February 2022


Patient email "Hello,I recently came to the surgery and wanted to pass on my thanks for making everything so easy.

 I am 30 weeks pregnant and was having a strong anxiety attack and called worried that something was wrong. Everything was sorted within a couple of hours and everone I spoke to was incredibly kind and understanding.

 The receptionist I talked to initially took the time to calm me down before listening to me and made me feel very supported (even though I was aware that I was being irrational). The doctor called me promptly as promised and was also incredibly helpful. She made sure that I knew what to do and where to look for help and booked me in to be seen by a nurse for a checkover on the same day which calmed me down even further. The nurse I saw was brilliant and talked me through what she was checking and why which I really appreciated. 

At no point in any interaction did I feel rushed or talked down to as I have at other surgeries or in other situations. I wanted to make sure that I passed this on to you and expressed my genuine thanks for the care that I received.  Best wishes "

- Recevied February 2022


Verbal Feedback "we were so happy with the care we have received from there, they feel extremely well looked after and supported, every member of staff they encounter has made sure they have done everything they can. They said the receptionist (Dee?) is so lovely and welcoming to them"

- Received January 2022